LetClicks is a SaaS software that lets Facebook users post them, and add images, including GIFs without having to publish long points. Posts that are impression look like a big square article on Facebook, participating your readers take or to review action. Simply because they fill the whole display in your portable unit these posts are absolutely eye catching and can rarely be ignored.

LetClicks review - How Can LetClicks Function?

Special Functions of LetClicks:

Create Clickable Video Links

85% of films on Facebook are viewed without sound. With adding GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) animated pictures to LetClicks, you're capable to generate video like photos which can be 100% Clickable.

Develop Clickable Photo Links

Facebook articles with images discover 2.3X more wedding than those without pictures. Posts with photos, get nearly double the reach then picture threads that are regular.

LetClicks allows you to produce links that Facebook may show as excellent squared image links, generating the photos clickable and ready for maximum reach, likes, responses, stocks, wedding not to mention ticks

Easily Duplicate Your Picture Link Posts

Once you have developed your Photograph Link and put your Redirect Link you are set to POST your impression. But what-if you intend to utilize the photograph that is same again with another link? Not a problem! You utilize it again and again and could Duplicate Any of Your Impression Links which you've developed and again!

View Post Details in One Single Peek

Observe your LetClicks posts and find out just how many ticks you obtain in your image link threads! See-the efficiency of one's picture article and conform and alter based on click efficiency

Modify Images With PhotoLink Optimizer

Whether you'll need a Confused History on the basis of the picture you have chosen or possibly a solid-color, you take your pick

Not ALL of one's pictures will undoubtedly be properly squared to be used through LetClicks Impression Links. To not worry, cause we have your back! Included in LetClicks, you will locate an Image Publisher that produces great squared pictures for you.

in Accordance With Dell that began utilizing GIF pictures within their e-mail:

• 42% increase in conversion rate

• 103% upsurge in click price

• 109% escalation in revenue

Organize Your Campaigns With LetClicks Link Pools

for just about any of one's jobs you may want to organize, LetClicks provides you with the capability to create pools of Links as you are able to mix together, to help you start to see the efficiency of the Image articles across your impression post plans.

Url To Full-Screen YouTube Movies

Create LetClicks impression link that redirect to full-screen YouTube videos! You'll be able to set the video following the LetClicks impression link is visited to autoplay

Your Personal Image Collection In LetClicks

With LetClicks you will get your own personal Picture Catalogue! Publish images, save modified images, focus images and erase (per-item or in bulk).

Add Pictures from your own desktop or straightforward use our "Retrieve Impression From URL" attribute.

Add Your Pixel For Max Retargeting

LetClicks enables you to contain any Pixel you chose to incorporate along with your picture post. In this way you are able to Observe Article Presses and Retarget Customers that have visited with Focused Advertising Campaigns on your photographs.

Manage Your Activities With Link Groups & Provides

With LetClicks Listings you're able to generate distinct lists, to help you distinguish between diverse markets or objectives.

With LetClicks Groupings, you're able to generate independent groups to prepare your photograph links for numerous causes. Only Filter by class within your "My Links" Dashboard

Totally Compliant with Facebook Conditions

The LetClicks Workforce uses the Facebook API to get in touch with customers. the individual creates a Program make it possible for Total Control over the Facebook Software you need to include Privacy Guidelines and Terms of Support.

LetClicks also comes with plenty of capabilities such as…

• Redirect On-Click: Redirect to any location URL you select after-image articles are visited.

• Clone Links: Clone links and recycle your images for numerous redirect places.

• Clean Design: super-easy to-use with clear and intuitive dash & patterns.

• Assistance: one-click support table option right inside the program.

• Publishing Pictures: Easily threads image links and GIF links in your schedule, in groups or in your fanpage.

• Grouping: Collection image links together to arrange your photograph post strategies.

• Image Editor: Image Manager ensures your entire threads are correctly squared for best landscapes.

• Evaluation & Reviews: Receive comprehensive click reports with visitor, device, podium, and geological knowledge per impression articles.

• Filters: Rapidly use filters to effortlessly select sets of picture articles for almost any strategy.

• Retargeting: Include tracking codes to your articles to re-goal customers with Google or Facebook ads.

quickly with your Facebook account.

How It Works:





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